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A Guru is defined by dictionary as a spiritual leader and a counselor. Guru is also a person who dedicates himself for the uplifting of his students. Guru creates leaders. Career guru takes pride in dedicating itself for the well being of those who have all the skills for a particular job but are not excellent in presenting themselves.

Career guru will be able to anlyse your capabilities,examine your current skills,give career options to choose from. 


The Imbalance

With the economy that is growing very fast there are umpteen number of opportunities that have arised. But on the other side of the scale there are equal number of candidates who have the capability but fail due to their presentation inability.

How can the guru help you?

Career Guru will assist you to find your skills and try to match them with the functional areas you can match with. Career guru will guide them on the qualities that are necessary on that particular career to become the perfect fit.

Career guru is not a consultant who will fetch you job opportunities but will teach you how to get the job, whichever you want. Career guru will individually guide you on your resume and suggest changes wherever necessary FOR FREE.

For Institutions

Career Guru is a master in individual guidance. Sign up for one day program on career guidance with career guru, Guru will present its trained master’s in your campus itself. 

“We will not catch you fishes but teach you fishing”


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